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Sunday 16 March 2008

Went out with the girls last night to Sneaky Dees and it was nice and relaxing. I'm definatly glad that I didn't cancel...I had gone home from work and took a short nap...I set my alarm for almost 8pm. When it went off I was so incredibly tired that I felt like cancelling. As soon as I heard Steph's voice I remembered how much I missed hanging out. I met Steph at Bathurst station as we headed down to the restaurant...Jess and her hubby had gotten there ten minutes before we did.

I had originally invited a bunch of people and I'm so glad that the rest of them had plans. It was really nice just having the four of us there. I haven't seen Jess for at least two years...she looks great. It's sad how time flies by...always meant to get together sooner. Jess and Steph never met before...but everything went well...was almost like they knew eachother their whole lives!

Of course I had to get my veggie nachos...mmmmmmmm is all I have to say!!! I also had to wash it down with a Smirnoff Ice...been craving it for some time now.

Now that the evening has passed I can't wait until we get together again...hopefully this time we wont wait two years between our next get together!

Brain is mush...moosh...whatever...can't spell....gotta go back to bed!

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