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Tuesday 18 March 2008

Today I have Sinned

Today I was bad. I ordered pizza much for eating healthy. I was craving it...I had to have it. I think I've actually put weight on...I'm probably at 240lbs right now. It's a terrible battle that I can't seem to win at the moment. I can't seem to motivate myself to cook and eat veggies...I feel unhealthy and depressed right now. My pants are tight...I feel like a huge face is breaking out and my hair is dull. I feel guilty about what I just ate...I want to vomit it yet I can't quite manage to do it. Am I going to be fat forever? How the hell can I live like this? It doesn't help right now to have someone non stop telling me that I've gained too much weight. I had the Bell Expressvu finally hooked up. I have to say it is more clear then digital's quite fuckin awesome. I'm enjoying all the new channels that I didn't have before and I can't wait to watch what happens on One Tree Hill tonight. Two months to go and then I get all the channels for free except adult and international...I'm looking forward to it!

Time to go look and see what is on the boob tube...and hopefully when I write next I will be in a better mood.

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