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Thursday 20 March 2008

@ Work

Right now I'm at work and I only have 45 minutes left until I get to run away. Today has been quite good...better than the last time I worked. The first day back is always the toughest! I'm praying that mom will pick me up from work and drive me home. She went to Glendower pharmacy for me by her house and picked up my pills that I needed refilled. I'm completly out of my crazy meds and I need them for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Good Friday so that means no work. In a way I wish I was working cause I'd get time and a half. Oh well...just means that I can sleep in and relax watching my new Bell Expressvu at home. So far I am sooooo incredibly happy with it. I wouldn't want to deal with Rogers ever again. I almost want to switch my cell phones over to Bell now...just sick of Rogers. I have to say that satellite is a million times better than cable...even digital cable. I couldn't get over the quality of it. I've also become in love with the nice new pvr that I have at to be able to pause live feed and record at the same time. I've become spoiled!

Now I have 39 minutes to go...I'm not tired at all. Wow...why am I not getting any calls? I'm logged in...just checked to see if I wasn't logged in. Hmmm...maybe a lot of people are away cause it's the Easter long weekend. Wish I was going on a trip somewhere tropical! Actually, no I wouldn't...I don't want to wear a bathing suit.

I feel quiet and lonely since none of my friends are working tonight. Everyone is either off today or worked the day shift. I have no one to talk to...sniff sniff! I can't stop looking at the's going sooooo slow. Hmmm...I wonder what I will watch on satellite tonight...if there's any good movies on.

Well I should probably do something else now...will go read something. I'll write more later.

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