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Friday 7 March 2008

Still Feel Like Shit

It's now Friday and I still feel like shit. My nose has stopped running which is a good thing, however, now it's in my chest a bit. Nothing worse then having that nasty mucus build up in your throat and chest. Right now I feel somewhat okay...but about two hours ago I had my head in the toilet. While Rachid was sleeping last night I was awake in the washroom sick. He just doesn't understand how sick I feel. He keeps bugging me telling me that I have to work. Thank God that I get paid for Monday and Thursday...I'm not sure about today though. many sick days paid do I get? I want to try to go into work tomorrow...I have to catch up on my sales...I want to be able to qualify for my AMEX payout.

Next week is Bon Jovi concert...thank God I didn't get sick then. I definatly can't wait!!! Next week I only work three days...I get to take my lieu day on Wednesday...the day of the concert! Plus I'm getting the Expressvu installed that morning. Mr Jingles says meow to the idea of Expressvu...he's bored with the Rogers programming we have! He's looking forward to the animal planet...he loved it during the free preview that was on last month. Okay I'm losing my mind...been locked in this apartment all week sick kind of made me a little nuts!!! Man I just got a big mouthfull of cat hair...serves me right for torturing the beast with lots of kisses on his tummy!

Okay time to go see what's on the boob tube!

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