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Friday 2 December 2022

So Much Has Changed #newjob #feelingbetter #flu #alzheimers

Brianna, © 2022
Quite a bit has changed since the last time I blogged. I'm still not well but feeling better then I was. It's like pulling teeth to try and get anywhere in the healthcare system. I'm able to function and work, but I'm limited physically due to the dizzy spells. I've been trying to push myself to do tasks, and I'm getting more done then previously. I'm not depressed like previously, and my anxiety is manageable. 

I've started a new job recently... same industry, but different company. I was previously working hybrid for an insurance company, and they wanted me back to the office. I didn't want to have to commute over an hour to and from work, so I found a 100% remote position elsewhere. Obviously I'm not allowed to disclose the two companies... only close family and friends would know. I must say though that I love the change and I'm so happy of my decision to make the switch.

Kids are back to school here in Ontario, with zero mandates. It's only the third month into the new school year, and my daughter has already missed about two weeks worth due to sickness. The common cold/flu/covid just keeps getting passed around the classrooms, and all the kids keep getting sick over and over again. I'm so frustrated that parents keep sending their kids to school and spreading their germs. They can at the very least make them wear a mask... but no! My child is the only one in the classroom other then the teacher that wears a mask. It just gets me so fuckin angry... especially when I see her in so much pain trying to breathe at night. I'm terrified that if I have to visit the hospital here in Barrie, she won't be seen for over 24hours. Yes, there's been instances in Ontario where patients have waited over 40 hours before being admitted. 

I know the last time I was at the hospital with Brianna, we waited over 12 hours and ended up walking out. I kept asking for assistance, and doctors/nurses just kept walking past me ignoring me. I asked for a blanket, and they pretended to not hear me. I went and got one myself. After we left, not once did I receive a call after to see if we were okay. I was tired of sitting in the hallway having her cry and be sick with no help at all. I took her home, gave her medicine and a cold bath to try and bring her temperature down. It worked, but it was a stressful and scary night. Thanks to Ford, Ontario healthcare is completely broken... that's a whole other post, which I will leave for another time!

My family is doing good... mom and grandma are still kicking! My grandmother's Alzheimer's is getting much worse, but she still knows who we are. It's progressed incredibly fast within one year, and I'm terrified where we will be this time next year. But we're managing everything for now, and our spirits is good most days. Mom might be losing her mind a bit regarding being the caregiver, as there's never a break. Being under the same roof now, helps to manage it.

Time to go figure out what's for dinner... happy Friday to everyone... thank God it's now the weekend!

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