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Friday 7 February 2020


Today, 45,000 Catholic teachers from across Ontario are on picket lines as part of a one-day full withdrawal of services. Teachers are taking a stand to protect Ontario’s world-renowned publicly funded education system, and speaking out against the Ford government’s devastating cuts.

What are teachers fighting for?
Teachers are the last line of defense against this government’s regressive agenda. If we don’t take a stand, the government will face no formal opposition to their reckless, unpopular cuts. The government has been trying to claim that compensation is the only issue at the bargaining table, but the public knows what the main issues are:

• The loss of funding, like the Local Priorities Fund, which provided supports for vulnerable students in all grades
• Class size increases
• The government’s refusal to commit to Ontario’s world-leading full-day Kindergarten program
• Mandatory e-learning

The government has already cut hundreds of millions of dollars in classroom funding. If their education plan is fully implemented, it will have devastating, long-term consequences.

We need your support!
The public is fed up with the Ford government’s slash-and-burn attitude and their attempts to mislead the public about the true nature of their cuts.

We invite you to visit to learn more about what the government is doing. You can also contact your representatives using the tools below and demand they reverse the cuts.

Call your MPP

Email your MPP

Tweet your MPP

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