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Thursday 17 October 2019


There is something so glamorous, so romantic about sleeping on silk. But that’s not the only reason celebrities and experts have been raving about silk pillowcases and sheets. The luscious, cool, glam, makes-me-feel-like-a-queen factor is one thing but our skin and hair actually need silk. Why?

Silk and hair

  • Sleeping on silk can help prevent hair from thinning… really! Cotton fabrics may seem soft but they cause friction – gripping and tugging at our strands as we move in our sleep, thereby leading to hair breakage and split ends. Silk, on the hand, is much smoother, so hair simply slides over the surface however much you toss and turn. The result? Less tangling or breakage. Added bonus? A blow dry will last much longer.
  • Since silk traps less body heat than other fabrics, we wake up sans frizzy strands or a messy bed head. 

Silk and skin

Silk is the nearest thing to human skin. It contains 18 of the essential proteins that are found in our skin and even has the same pH, making it a potent ally against premature ageing.

  • The creamy fabric contains natural cellular albumen fiber, which helps boost cellular regeneration – again protecting skin against ageing and dullness. 
  • Unlike cotton (which is very absorbent), silk does not soak up the natural moisture from our skin. The result? Better hydration, improved skin elasticity and lesser wrinkles. Similarly, it doesn’t absorb the beauty creams and serums that we put on at night, allowing them to stay on longer and work more efficiently. 
  • Silk sheets and pillows offer a smoother surface for the face, so we don’t wake up with the crease marks that are common with other fabrics. Silk is a natural heat regulator – it maintains body temperature and does not conduct heat or static electricity. So, it helps retain heat on cold nights and keeps us cool in the summer. Hence, better beauty sleep!

So, now, isn’t it worth it? And since you undoubtedly agree, can you please drop a line to my husband in the comments below, explaining why that credit card splurge was completely worth it?

Do you sleep on silk?

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  1. I have never thought that silk may have such an effect on skin. It is very nice that you posted this information. I will definitely try it.


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