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Wednesday 16 May 2018

Potty training numerous attempts! #pottytraining

Brianna, © 2018
I know I had originally planned on potty training the little Munchkin almost a year ago, and I’m finally giving it another go. She’s just two months shy of turning 3, and the last few weeks I’ve been making a serious attempt at it. We were successful a while back, until she went to grandmas house and it was all undone.

I originally have been putting a long t-shirt on her, and bare bum to potty train, which worked. The only problem, as soon as I would go to put a pull-up or underwear on, shed pee thinking it was safe. The 2nd try was somewhat successful, and it’s currently on going. I bought some training panties, not pull-ups since they’re too much like a diaper. It works when Brianna has to pee, and she runs to he potty to go. However, she still is too shy to poop on the potty... she wants to hide and poop! She keeps pooping in the panties, which makes for somewhat of a fun cleanup! She starts daycare next week, so the potty training has to be successful this week... don’t want her to sit too long with poop if we can’t 100% get her trained. I’m keeping fingers crossed that she gets over the poop shyness asap, and daycare goes smoothly.

Anyone else run into the same issue with potty training? Any tricks or suggestions?

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