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Thursday 6 July 2017

3 Simple Steps Based on Science to Lose Weight Fast

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The pants are getting tighter and your belt needed another notch this morning? Time to think about losing weight and getting your physique back in top shape. There are many diet plans that provide tips and hints to lose weight, but there is often conflicting information from plan to plan. Should you eat bread? Not eat bread? Is all sugar bad? Is fruit ok to eat? These are questions scientists are still studying in terms of effective weight loss. But there are some things you can do to help you lose weight that are definitely backed by science.

1. Get a full night’s sleep. The time that you are asleep is your body’s regeneration period. You need to take advantage of it to its fullest so your body can perform at optimum levels. All of the cells in your body recharge and prepare to carry you through the following day. Not getting enough rest is one of the largest risk factors for gaining weight.

2. Eat a lot of vegetables. No matter how you slice it, eating vegetables is always a good thing. They have a lot of fiber and help you to feel full. They are packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients to make you have good energy. They also have a lot of ruffage which can extend how long you full. Vegetables are nature’s wonder foods that you can eat to your heart’s desire to lose weight and stay slim. The only thing to watch is make sure you avoid too many starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, and squash. These vegetables are higher in carbohydrates which can interfere with weight loss.

A great option for fast weight loss is to use a shake or supplement to replace meals. Some studies have shown that those who are overweight do better with meal replacements because they don’t have to think about what they are eating. They know it is a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and then they can eat mostly vegetables and perhaps a piece of chicken for dinner. Simplifying the process seems to help this group of people. A good plan to try is Isagenix as many people have had great success with their system. You can view all the products here.

3. Don’t just exercise, lift weights. If you don’t like spending hours on the treadmill, you’re in luck! While cardio can be great for your heart and for helping your stamina, the best exercises for losing weight are weight bearing exercises. You can use your own body weight or lift weights, but the goal is to use as many of the muscle groups in your body on alternate days. Those who have higher muscle mass are able to lose weight faster, especially in the belly area.

Create a diet and exercise plan that includes getting enough rest, eating a wide variety of vegetables, and lifting weights to see quick weight loss. Pretty soon you’ll be making hold on the other end of your belt!

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