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Saturday 29 October 2016

It's My Time to Rant: Hubby Frustration! #SAHM #workingmom #neverendingjob

Why is it that if you're a stay at home mom, many men think that we do nothing all day? My day starts before the sun even rises, while my partner is at times still sleeping. He works the regular 37 to 40 hours a week, with 8 hour shifts... mine starts around 5am and keeps going until almost midnight every day. I wake up, change the baby, feed the baby, bathe and dress her, and let her have some playtime to herself... supervised of course. I somehow manage to get a chance to have a snack, as I rarely get through eating a whole meal for breakfast. After about ten minutes of her playing byherself, it's around the time that she has her morning poop. Yes, that means that I get to have the pleasure of her trying to throw it at me during the changing. Oh, and she loves when I ask her if she has stinky poopoos!

After I've been traumitized with changing her, it's time for more playtime... there's plenty of toys, and what she likes one day, she hates the next. She's currently mad at her stuffed animal named George! After her redecorating the living room with every toy she owns, and me picking them up and putting them back about half a dozen times, it's snack time. What does that mean? I get to find little crumbs or mashed food in my furniture... so that means I get to spend time cleaning the furniture and floor, cleaning her, and then cleaning the furniture and floor again. It seems to be a continuous pattern of going behind her cleaning.

Now I have the battle of trying to put her down for a nap. She kicks and screams, and refuses to sleep in her bed. Yes, we're at the tantrum stage and all she wants is to cuddle with her momma. I love cuddling with her, but it's just making the whole situation more complicated. So after a long time of trying to get her to sleep, I end up laying down with her in my bed. Since she's finally asleep, it's really the only time I have to get anything productive done around the home. Do I go for sleep, or do I decide to clean, cook, or do whatever that needs to be done? Most of the time I don't go for sleep, I try and get all the daily tasks done in the little hour that she naps. This naptime seems to feel like the shortest time... there's never enough of it.

By the time she wakes up, I notice that there's just a couple hours left before the hubby comes home. So I park the little Rugrat in her playpen and put on Bubble Guppies... yes, she watches a little television... it's my time of sanity. It's usually in this time slot that I'm able to prepare dinner and get it on the stove, but of course there's another stinky poopoo before it!

After the long day of playing, cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, and trips to the park if it's nice out, I keep going after the hubby comes home. Since he worked all day, I make him coffee... that's if I haven't lost my mind yet from the hectic day! So he plops himself down on the couch and gets to put his feet up and enjoy his coffee... when do I get a break?! I continue to check on dinner, and set the table. By now the Munchkin needs her diaper changed for the millionth time... she's ususally cooing and making funny faces at me... how can I not smile at her cute face?! I finally dish out dinner and put them on the table. I feed the baby, manage to eat a fraction of my plate, put all the leftovers in containers, and do the dishes. Somehow, his dish always ends up in the sink after I've already finished the pots and pans... naturally he doesn't even rinse it, even though I nag regarding it. I then go behind him and wash it.

He then plops down on the couch and spends time playing with the Munchkin... I try and have a little me time, but somehow it's always short lived. I try and lock myself in the washroom for a few minutes of peace and quiet, and the Munchkin always seems to pound on the door looking for me. Umm, hello... why can't he watch her a bit while I try and pee or have a stinky poopoo of my own?! So I usually end up letting her into the bathroom to stop her from screaming for the wonderful neighbours. I can't remember the last time that I pooped alone in peace at home.

So there you have it... a breakdown of what my day is like. My mom shift is never ending, while he works an eight hour shift daily. Mother's don't get enough credit for what they do... it's the hardest job in the world... and I also work 12 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday's every week.

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