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Saturday 29 October 2016

Enjoying a Cup of Hillary ClinTEAn Tea! #democratea2016

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Enjoying a cup of tea @ work!

I'm someone who doesn't drink that much caffeine throughout the day, but will have half a dozen cups of decaf tea daily. Depending on my mood, there's a wide range of teas that I enjoy on a regular basis. One of my all time favorites is Vanilla Chai, but when I can't always find that in the grocery store near my home, I end up buying the regular decaf chai. One of the main reasons I have a collection of tea flavours, is that you never know who could stop by. It's always nice and welcoming offering family and friends a cup of tea or coffee, or of course... wine! For years I've kept boxes of teabags in my pantry, which took up a whole entire shelf. A little while ago I had the opportunity to test out a genious product: The TeaBook. Since then, I recently had the opportunity of reviewing something fun from the same company... DemocraTEA. The PoliTEAcal series combines amazing art, satire, and delicious organic tea. This is the perfect gift for someone that loves to talk about politics or collects political memorabilia.

The whole world is pretty much aware of the US elections going on at the present time... that's why when the company approached me to review their DemocraTEA teas, I had to jump at the chance. I don't usually have much interest when it comes to politics, however, the debates between Hillary and Donald is pure entertainment. Yes, a lot of it has become quite a circus regarding both parties bashing eachother. There's also a never ending shock factor when it comes to Mr. Trump... and my reviewing the actual tea without giving my opinion on him, is VERY HARD! It almost seems that he opens his mouth on a daily basis, to just make himself look like more of an ass.

I received a bunch of nicely decorated teabags, that pokes fun of the election. The cartoon art is quite nice, and caught my eye right away... I'm loving the bright colours. Of course the main colours are that of the American flag, but also the use of bright colours around them compliment them nicely.

The first tea that I tested was the Hillary ClinTEAn... and it was yummy. The flavor is vanilla essence, and it's a nice treat without being overly sweet. This tea contains organic black tea, organic carob, natural flavor and organic stevia... the perfect combos for myself. I paired this with a little extra stevia and a little bit of milk.

The second tea that I tested was the Donald TEArump... and it tasted good, but I personally prefered the vanilla. The flavor of this tea is pure white tea with peach, and  it contains organic white tea and natural flavor. When it comes to tea, I prefer something creamy, sweet, and spicy... which a peach flavored tea isn't really my thing... but it does taste good if you're into fruity flavors.

Now for those of you who are actually voting... if I was an American I'd be voting Hillary. There's cons to both parties, however,

Interested in getting some yummy political tea for yourself? Of course you are... they're affordable. Click here to grab yours today. Interested in checking out their Facebook and Twitter? Of course you are... you never know when you could come across a deal!

I received an item(s), in exchange for my honest opinion, and a review of my experience. I did not receive any other compensation or incentive nor was I required to write a positive review. Individual results or experiences may vary.

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