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Tuesday 21 June 2016

Summertime Getting Healthy... Back on the Bandwagon!

Last night when I came home for the first time in a few days, as I had been working and staying at moms, my partner looked at me and asked if I had put on a few pounds. Naturally I was insulted and hit his head off... he didn't say it to be mean or rude,  but I was upset regardless. It's summertime here in Toronto, and I don't feel fully comfortable in my body. I knew that I had put a bit of weight on, but didn't really know how much until last night. Yes, I had put on at least ten pounds since I last weighed myself. I guess with working in an office for long hours, and lack of exercise and some poor food choices, it snuck on. So this morning when I woke up, my choices were better.

Last night when I weighed myself I was 196.5 lbs... scary number, and I wasn't that since I was pregnant. This morning after a homemade iced coffee, no sugar, with milk, I decided to stand on the scale one more time... 194lbs. A little lower, but still a bad number... not happy with it. My cousin's wedding is in a couple months, so my goal by then is to get down to 175lbs... is it possible? It is if I try hard enough.

So for those of you who don't feel comfortable in your bodies so far this season, join in on the journey of better health. Daily exercise, counting calories and keeping a food diary... I'm determined to get down. One huge important thing... stay away from the yummy summer drinks!!!

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