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Friday 24 June 2016

Facts about Mold and Water Damage

Water damage is more than an annoyance, it can lead to huge repair bills, ruin various housewares and even damage the structural integrity of your DC home. As if that wasn’t enough, water damage of any kind can lead to mold growth, which causes a slew of its own problems. Before you can deal with the mold, however, you will need to find water damage repair near DC. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know much about mold, other than they don’t want it in their house. The following mold facts will help you get a better understanding of the fungus and how to keep it from taking over your home.

Control Moisture
If you want to prevent mold from forming, you will need to control the moisture in your home. This will mean fixing any pipes that are leaking, preventing condensation from developing on windows and making sure the air in your home isn’t too humid. One of the best ways to keep the humidity level in your home low is to use a dehumidifier. These nifty devices remove the moisture from the air and are available in various types, models and price ranges so you can find the perfect one for your needs. You should also consider the ventilation in your home since properly air circulation can help prevent fungal growth while keeping the air inside your home from becoming stale.

DIY Mold Removal
Once you have gotten the moisture problem under control, you can remove the mold by washing it off hard surfaces with diluted chlorine bleach. With that said, DIY removal is only recommended for small mold problems. Larger problems will need to be addressed by professionals who have the tools and know how to properly get rid of the fungal growth and keep it from returning.

Mold can grow on just about any surface with the right growing environment. In order to grow and survive, mold needs moisture and darkness. A lot of homeowners don’t know just how dangerous mold is. Not only can it damage the structure it is growing on, but it can also have a negative effect on the health of anyone living in the home. Studies have shown that breathing in mold and its spores can aggravate various respiratory conditions, such as asthma. That is why it is important to take mold growth in your home seriously.

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