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Sunday 27 March 2016

Tips to Help Your Baby Crawl

Brianna, © 2016

My daughter is just shy of her ninth month, and she's edging to crawl anytime now. She's been rolling around and sitting up on her own for some time now, and you can tell that she's getting close to being able to crawl. She gets up on those hands and knees, and kind of rocks back and forth humping the floor! I decided to make a list of ways to help your little monkey ease into crawling, as i can tell she's on the verge of doing it.

All babies are different and there really isn't an exact set time for them to crawl. Some babies will be perfectly happy sitting and playing, so you might as well sit back and enjoy the show. For the babies who get frustrated, cry and throw a little tantrum because they can't yet crawl, try and comfort them... it will happen when they are ready.

Tummy time
Be sure to already involve tummy time throughout the day. Placing your baby on their belly will build the muscles that's needed to hold/lift their head up, as well as build the arm and leg muscles. They have to be able to roll and sit up, before they try and crawl.

Introduce a toy
Place a toy or another child not too far from your little one, that way there's something for them to try and crawl towards. Your baby will hopefully eventually have the goal of reaching what's at the other end.

Add a distraction
At times your baby will get frustrated and throw a little tantrum. If there's a few toys around, you can distract them from the frustration for a bit.

Other children
One of the best ways for your baby to learn, is to learn from other babies. Plan play dates and visit play groups on a regular basis... they help with their learning progress, and it's best for them to interact with other children.

Join in the fun
There's nothing more fun than playing with your baby. Get on the floor and crawl around, to help show them what to do. They will eventually try and copy you... "monkey see, monkey do"!

Add an obstacle
My little monkey loves to roll out of her bouncer that she has, and then tries to crawl/climb back into it. Even though she's kind of grown away from using a bouncer, she still loves it at times. She likes the toys that dangle from it, and it's building her muscles while she climbs it. If you don't have a bouncer of your own, then you can do something similar by propping up pillows and having a toy behind it. They will wanna go for the toy, and have to try and climb over the obstacle.

Magic carpet ride
Place a blanket on the floor during tummy time, and have fun pulling it around the room with your little monkey. Make them feel like they're on a magic carpet ride, and let them see different angles of the room. They will like the movement, and it should make them wanna travel the room on their own.

You will want to try different floor surfaces for your baby to learn to crawl. It will most likely be easier to learn to crawl on floor that has carpeting. I have wood flooring at home, which is quite funny to see her slip and slide on it. If that's the case for you as well, you may want to purchase a big play mat, rug, or put down a heavy blanket. Enjoy watching your little munchkin try to crawl, because before you know it, you won't be able to keep up

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