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Saturday 26 March 2016

Latest Update... and Happy Easter Weekend!

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Hey everyone! Once again I haven't been blogging as much as I'd hoped, but as you all know, my daughter has been taking up most of my time. I also haven't been able to sleep much the last little while, thanks to her as well! The little monkey has been teething and I just noticed as of yesterday, that her first tooth came through. My little baby is growing far too fast, and is just shy of 9 months old. I'm currently at work while writing this blog post, and missing her terribly. I have been working every weekend, and she's been having fun playing at grandma and great-grandmas house... double attention, so she's in her glory!

With it being Easter weekend, it seems to be quite slow at work... which is why I've actually had a chance to blog. Normally I'd be going to my aunt's for family dinner, but it looks like I will be working almost every holiday forward. With me only working part time at the moment, I agreed to work holidays for extra money. Going back to work has been hard with the little one, as she doesn't let me get enough sleep. I currently feel like a zombie... her teething has taken a toll on my sleeping since she's extra needy. At least when I stay at moms place on the weekends, I get the extra help and a little more "me" time. I could really go for a little TLC right now, but I guess I will settle for a latte while at work. Now if only Tim Hortons delivered... I'd be all set. My order... large latte with a vanilla shot, and two sugars from Timmies! Yum!

What I've noticed while going back to work... I can get by on a minimum of four hours of sleep, but preferebly six hours. I've also been living off of lattes and tea, and that the smells of food at work are very tempting. I notice quite a lot of people who work where I do, order in on a daily basis... and that's a struggle for me. I ALWAYS bring my lunch and dinner to work, which help prevent me from snacking on crap. I also notice that with working in an office, I'm on my ass a whole lot. Even though I get up on a regular basis to move around, I'm sure that I'm not burning off the calories of what I'm putting into my body. One big thing that I've noticed while going back to work, is that I'm missing out on a lot of the things with my daughter. I always seems that she does certain things when I'm not around... like rolling over, sitting up on her own, and it looks like she's ready to crawl. I'm happy to be back to work, but it breaks my heart that I'm missing out on lots of stuff.

I guess I'm feeling tired, overwhelmed, and ready to burn out at times, since I don't get much help at home. Things have been a little rocky for quite some time, and I've tried not to stress about it. I used to always blog as a form of therapy in the past, but it's hard to do that now since more people read it. It can be a blessing at times that I have more followers, which brings more pay and product reviews, but at the same time it's a curse because I can't fully by myself anymore. Anyway, enough of my complaining!

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Since it's Easter weekend, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter... and enjoy all the yummy food and chocolate!

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