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Friday 12 February 2016

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dad, From Baby

Brianna & Daddy, © 2016

It's that time of year when the stores are full of red and pink, heart shaped items... Valentine's day. What do you get the man in your life when he has just about everything? Make this valentine's day sweeter with a gift to dad "from " baby. This blog post is also a little valentine's day gift from me to my partner!

Here's some ideas from homemade, to fancy.

If you're looking for an easy gift that you're sure he'll like, there's nothing wrong with chocolate. It's kind of a no-brainer that shouldn't hurt the bank, and if you're lucky, he might just share some with you!

Chocolate covered strawberries
Nothing says romance like chocolate covered strawberries. It's very simple to make your own if you're adventurous, but if you're the type of person who thinks you'll eat more than what you'd make, maybe picking up some ready made would be best!

Cherub photos
If you're looking for something fun and unique, dress the little Munchkin up as a cherub and snap some photos. It can be a DIY type of project at home, or most professional photographers would already have the props for it. What's valentine's day without a cute little cherub baby?! It's a great way to warm daddy's heart.

Dad's favorite kids movie
This one would most likely take some research to find out his favorite kid-friendly movie, but would make for an awesome and memorable gift. This could easily become an annual tradition... bring back some fond memories and create new ones.

Breakfast in bed
Sometimes the best way to let dad know that you love him, is by letting him sleep in! Now if only I would receive this gift!!! Depending on the age of your child, let him or her help you in the kitchen. Let them crack the eggs, or mix the cake or muffin mix... anything to help make it a fun experience. Your little monkey will be happy that they helped daddy to a great start of the day, and dad will enjoy the relaxation and pampering.

Gourmet gifts of the month
When you have no clue what to get the man of the house, there's always a site called Gourmet Gifts of the Month. There's a list of items that you can have sent via every 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. You have the option of paying per shipment or all upfront, which is what makes it the perfect idea for a gift. The little Monkey would most likely go for the Bacon of the Month or the Coffee of the Month, as her daddy is a coffeeholic!

Photo frame
There's many photo frames available around, but why not one that's meant for daddy and child alone? Find a nice pic of the two at play, and then wrap up the frame. If you don't have much room for any more decor or if he doesn't have an office for a frame, then go for a personalized keychain or mug. I love this frame and have it on my wishlist for father's day.

Heart artwork
This is a super fun idea that is a sure way to show dad some love. Create some awesome artwork using the hands and feet of the baby, or help them draw a pretty little heart. Nothing better than a personalized piece of art... better than any card from the store.

This is not a sponsored post. I was not compensated in any way... any company or name mentioned above is a personal recommendation.

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