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Tuesday 3 November 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: My Munchkin Loves Her Bath Time Products, Thanks to Fayebaby! #Holidaygiftguide2015

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Brianna, © 2015
It's that time of year again, when people start thinking about shopping for the holiday season. I'm famous for having all my shopping completed early, and this year is no exception to that. In the spirit of Christmas, I'm working with a number of companies who have joined in my Holiday Gift Guide 2015... and this is my forth post!

My little Munchkin is almost 4 months old, and the time is flying by fast. She's growing so quickly, with her cute pudgy baby rolls! It feels like just yesterday she was born... tiny, with a lamb-like newborn cry. Now her cries are much louder, and her adorable personality is starting to shine through even more. One thing that hasn't changed, is that she loves her daily bath time routine. She has her morning bath to freshen her up, and in the evening to prepare her for bedtime... she usually prefers the bath at night. Up until now I was using the regular store bought baby care products, that was until my cousin who is a make-up artist at Motives Cosmetics by Fayebaby mentioned DNA Miracles Natural. It's a new line of baby care products that both myself and my daughter fell in love with... move over Johnson & Johnson, Miracle Naturals is our new favorite!

I was sent three products: Miracles Natural Foaming Wash and Shampoo, Hydrating Body Lotion, and Soothing Ointment. What caught my eye right away about this line of baby care products, is that they're all natural, gentle enough for daily use both morning and night, and non-toxic, hypoallergenic, paraben-free and phthalate-free... safe enough even for a newborn.

Brianna, © 2015
The first item that I tried on Brianna was the Foaming Wash and Shampoo. The bottle has a pump style top to it, which pumps out a light and fluffy foam. My daughter loved that it was so light and airy, and actually helped me wash her tummy. This cleanser is perfect for delicate and sensitive skin, and even for those with eczema or psoriasis. I suffer from psoriasis and noticed one of her other baby products actually irritated my skin. Baby products shouldn't irritate an adults skin, let alone a child.

So what exactly makes this product safe? The company uses the term "gentle surfactants", which are ingredients that are meant to cleanse the skin and hair by helping water mix with oil and dirt, so that they can be washed away. Many surfactants in other products can be harsh on the skin, which in the end can cause irritation. The cleansing surfactants in this product are derived from coconut oil, which makes it much more gentle than what is found in other shampoos and body washes.

Panthenol is another ingredient that is used in this product. It is analog to vitamin B5, which can be converted to vitamin B5 in the skin. In many products like cosmetics, it can be classified as skin and hair conditioning. It binds to hair and acts as a humectant, and helps to moisturize and condition the hair.

The second item that I used on the cutie, was the Hydrating Baby Lotion. This lotion is like pure silk in a bottle. It has an easy to use flip cap, which can easily be opened and closed with one hand... my baby keeps me busy and I sometimes wish I had three hands! The lotion moisturizes with a combo of emollients and herbal extracts, that helps the skin look and feel smoother and softer. It helps support the skin barrier, and keeps it hydrated. I also noticed that it helps soothe and make minor skin irritations disappear.

The final item that I tested was the Soothing Ointment... and this is by far my favorite out of the three. This product is so amazing, that I actually noticed a major difference in less than 24 hours. This can be used pretty much anywhere on the body, as it's all natural and  safe for sensitive skin. I used this on Brianna's neck area... she's gotten a little pudgy in this area, I guess since her neck hasn't really grown yet. Where the neck rolls rub, it gets red and irritated and sore... dry milk and probably bacteria can get stuck in there. After her bath I dried the area and applied this to the irritated area, and I could tell that she liked the way it felt. Normally she would be kicking and screaming... she did in the beginning, as she hates when I have to dry the area. But once the ointment was on the skin, she had a smile of relief. Okay... she could of been smiling at me since I'm so cute! But honestly, by bath time the next morning there was a big improvement.

I would like to thank my cousin for giving me the chance to review these products... thanks to her my baby is enjoying her bath time that much more!

Interested in buying some of these baby care products for someone as a gift, or for yourself? Sure you are... click here to grab yours today. Interested in checking out her Facebook page? Of course you do... you never know when you may come across a deal!

I received an item(s), in exchange for my honest opinion, and a review of my experience. I did not receive any other compensation or incentive nor was I required to write a positive review. Individual results or experiences may vary. 

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