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Monday 2 November 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Good Sleep Begins with Cloud b - Twilight Buddies Giveaway!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Photo credit: Cloud b main page 
It's that time of year again, when people start thinking about shopping for the holiday season. I'm famous for having all my shopping completed early, and this year is no exception to that. In the spirit of Christmas, I'm working with a number of companies who have joined in my Holiday Gift Guide 2015... and this is my second post!

One of my favorite times of the year while growing up was the holiday season. I'm in my 30's now, and it's still my favorite. This year will be the first Christmas that I celebrate with my daughter, and I'm super excited about it. As many of you already know, she was born this past July... I had already been partnered up with the company Cloud b for a product review and giveaway before my angel even arrived. I had originally hoped to get this post published a couple months ago, but having a newborn is more work than I truly expected. Now what does that have to do with the holiday season? Cloud b is an amazing company that would make for the perfect gift for many children of all ages.

Cloud b makes a wide range of products to help children sleep better. I was sent one of their Twilight Buddies to review, and I ended up selecting their cute little sheep. There's actually a total of nine different Twilight Buddies: Sheep, Giraffe, Unicorn, Palomino, Pegasus, Bunny, Fox, Alligator, and Hippo. All look super cute, but I wanted my little Munchkin to be counting sheep! This type of toy is mostly soft and cuddly, and is designed to help ease any fears of the dark. I had this item for a month prior to my daughter being born, and I was using it every night for myself. Yes, at times I get spooked when it's dark... I've seen too many scary movies!

The little Buddie came nicely packaged in a decorative cardboard box, that is open on top to sport the super cute sheep. This little guy is super soft and cuddly, and kind of reminds me of a little Lamb Chop sheep that I had while growing up. The top of the animals back is a round tanned colored plastic shell, which have little star cutouts all over. There's four little buttons, one being the shape of a moon.

The on/off switch is underneath the little cutie, and since I use this daily I like to keep it on. So nighttime I just push the little moon button and it comes on. There's a few colors that it switches between: green, blue and amber... and you have a choice of having them switch through all of them, or you can program it to stay on the color that you prefer. Since my cutie is a little picky at the moment when it comes to colors, I find that the green soothes her the most.

Here's a picture of the toy laying in my daughters Pack N Play... that was before she had a crib. I took these pictures prior to her being born, as I was eager to do this review. I didn't expect time to pass by so quickly, and having this post being later than expected. Time sure flies by when you're having fun!

It's a little difficult to show you how beautiful this looks, as with it being dark the camera seems to be playing tricks on me! There is a timer for this toy which is 45 minutes, and then it will shut off... I find that this is the perfect length of time for my daughter, as she usually is asleep within 30 minutes.

The toy is quite durable, requires 3 "AAA" batteries... and I was amazed that they were actually included! It comes with an adoption certificate, which is perfect for kids so that they feel that it's their own baby.

Brianna , © 2015

Interested in buying cloud b for someone as a gift, or for yourself? Sure you are... click here to grab yours today. Interested in checking out their Facebook and Twitter pages? Of course you do... you never know when you may come across a deal!

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  1. Your daughter is such a cutie!!

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  5. I'm confused wasn't this supposed to end tomorrow? That's what my earlier tweets say? Is this a new giveaway? Btw.. you lil girl is adorable. :)

    1. There was a mix up in the forms, but it's been fixed... That's why I extended the giveaways to make it fair for my booboo.
      Brianna says thank you for saying she's adorable!

    2. It's ok. Brianna is one of my favorite girl's names. I don't know if you have ever read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon (there is a show on Showtime too.. both are awesome.. the book is better of course), but my all-time favorite character's name is Brianna. <3

  6. Yes the Novica one was also supposed to end tomorrow as well, but a new rafflecopter was put up bc of a confusion in the title on RC although aside from tweet everything else reflected what it was. This isn't really fair or legal in FTC guidelines. I'm a blogger myself and I had this bookmarked.

    See Rule #12: You cannot ever, and I mean ever, extend the time on your giveaway. Even if you only have 1 entry. That is illegal.

    1. Extending a giveaway is for your benefit since there was a mix up in forms. If people are going to freak out about being able to have extra entries, I'm so sorry. I blog in my free time as a form of therapy, I don't need anyone complaining that me extending something is illegal. If you don't like it, then don't visit.
      Happy holidays!


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