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Monday 23 November 2015

Day 9 of Introducing Food to Brianna - She Likes Her Peas!

Brianna, © 2015
My little Munchkin has been eating her food puree now for over a week... nine days to be exact. I started her November 15th on butternut squash, and fed her that for five days straight. She LOVED it and couldn't get enough. I could of continued to feed her more, but I was afraid she'd turn yellow like when I was a baby.

Brianna started green peas this past Friday, and I must say the first two days were rough. The first day I had to fight with her to even keep it in her mouth... which I think I was wearing more of it then what she was eating. Now that she's been eating it for a few days, she has come to like them. She still prefers the squash though, but I think that's because of it's super smooth texture. No matter how much I pureed the peas, they were still somewhat lumpy at times.

What I've noticed since I introduced food... her bowel movements have become more regular. She was good previous, but would sometimes go a couple days without going. I noticed since starting her on pureed veggies, she's more regular. I've also noticed that it's slightly a little more solid. Before it was more liquid, and sometimes would leak out of the leg of the diaper... gross! Now it's like the consistency of guacamole... and actually looks like it since the green peas... I'll be avoiding that for quite some time now!

Since she's on day four of the peas, tomorrow will be her last day. With the intro of two items so far, there hasn't been any allergy issues. What's next on the list of food? Carrots and then avocado...  yum!

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