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Wednesday 18 November 2015

Beware of the Company #Rosegal... My Worst Experience Ever! #fraudulentcompany #fraud

Normally when I write a review I always put..

"I received an item(s), in exchange for my honest opinion, and a review of my experience. I did not receive any other compensation or incentive nor was I required to write a positive review. Individual results or experiences may vary."

this doesn't apply to me this time. I made three separate purchases from, and I wish that I hadn't. The company shouldn't even be in business, as they are a complete fraud that rip people off. The items that I received finally ended up going directly in the trash, as I wouldn't let any human being wear what was sent. The customer service was a complete waste of time, and I'm out $300.

My first order contained three items: a red long sleeve style t-shirt in the size XL, a red checkered long sleeve dress in the size 2XL, and a long sleeve knitwear shirt in the size XL.

Now normally I would wear a size large, but decided to go at least one size bigger just in case. None of these items fit... were way too small. The first item was of t-shirt material, but something that was so thin I doubt it would of lasted one wash.

The second item was no where near close to fitting, and it was a 2XL! This was by far the most misleading out of the order, and I have no idea how anyone would be able to fit into this item... it would fit a child. The item also smelled toxic, there's no way I'd wear it even if it fit.

The third item looked somewhat okay when held up in my hands, however, it was also way too small. I tried getting it on, and once on it looked like I was trying to wear something that was like five sizes too small.

My second order contained four items: blue floral sweatshirt, long sleeve plaid dress, batwing style dress, and a long sleeve striped sweater.

Once again I went with a size bigger than what I would normally wear for all these items. The first item stated that it was supposed to be a sweatshirt, and it was nothing of that sort. It felt like some cheap weird acrylic type fabric, that was incredibly thin. I tried to put the shirt on since the print was pretty, and there's no way in hell it was gonna go over my shoulders. "Pullover Sweatshirt" my ass... there's no way anyone would be able to pull this over their shoulders, unless they were a child.

The second item actually was nice, if only it was close to the size they stated. If someone actually followed the sizing for this item, it would not fit. This being an XL would of been equal to a size small. So if someone who actually wore a small and ordered a small, it would most likely be the size for a young child.

The third item had a Spanx-like shape and size to it. The width of it literally fit my arm, which is no where near an XL. On top of that, the fabric was complete garbage. The sparkly thread was unraveling, and looked like the dress was going to fall apart with the first wear.

The final item of this order was a One size, and it stated that it was meant for a smaller sized person. This item was actually too big for me! It wasn't flattering at all, and I looked like I was wearing a bag.

My last order was the biggest, and I had to take two screenshots on my phone in order to show all the items. My order contained a sweatshirt and sweatpants, lip print sweatshirt, long sleeve knitwear shirt in blue, rust colored sweater, plum knitwear shirt, long sleeve gingham hoodie, jean leggings, and stretchy skinny jeans.

The first item looked nice in and out of the package, but the XL is more like a small. There was no way I was able to get this over my shoulders, and for the pants... I couldn't even get my lower leg in them.

The second item was terrible quality... I swear it was made of felt. This was a large, and wasn't even big enough to be considered a small. I didn't even try to put this one on, as it looked like it would rip.

The third item looked somewhat okay when held up in my hands, however, it was also way too small. I tried getting it on, and once on it looked like I was trying to wear something that was like five sizes too small.

The fourth item was just completely hideous. The color looked like the poop in my daughters diaper after eating squash. This was a large, and this too wouldn't even be big enough to be considered a small. The lace at the bottom of the sweater was sewn on poorly, and was already starting to come free.

The fifth item was pretty, if only it was like three times bigger and didn't smell toxic.

The sixth item felt like burlap and looked as thin as tissue paper. The size was an XL but fit like a small.

The seventh item was the denim leggings. These were ugly. The pattern was a poor excuse for denim, and was shiny. If you want to look like a fairy, these might be okay.

The final item is the stretchy jeans, which are not stretchy! These looked more like jean leggings, but are no where near being an XL.

All my orders I had paid for insurance and tracking, and none of the tracking information that they provided ever worked. I paid for something that they probably never even applied to the shipping.

I contacted their customer service, which is listed as their support and they had no problem assisting me at first. Once I got into more detail regarding each order, they made excuses and asked me to take pictures of each item with a measuring tape. So to me, I felt like they were calling me a liar when I said that they aren't the right sizing. I was willing to send the items back, and they kept asking me to keep them and they'd refund me 20% to keep them. Are you fuckin kidding me?! Why would I want to keep them if they don't fit?! 

They then refused a refund, and ignored me for a while. Then once I mentioned that I work for the media and was ready to blog about it, they responded and was willing to refund me but on store credit. I argued with that, as nothing there would fit. They went ahead and refunded the first two orders without even hearing back from me, and closed the tickets. Store policy... once a ticket is closed you're now fucked. The two refund amounts were a joke. The first one was for $7.50, and I had originally spent $49.76. The second one was for $15, and I had originally spent $93.90. I've been waiting on the third order, but they have been ignoring me now for over a month. 

Since the company is based in China, the shipping takes forever. By the time the items arrive, it's too late to properly dispute it with your credit card company. None of my orders came in one package... came in multiple packages. They squeeze the clothes in a plastic shipping bag so tight, that you run the risk of damaging the clothes upon removal. 

I have spent way too much time trying to resolve all the issues with this company, and if you Google their name, you will find numerous reviews about the same stuff. My advice to anyone considering buying anything from them... it's not worth it... they're a scam. If anyone from Rosegal reads this... I want my money back.


  1. That's horrible! I would still put a dispute in with your credit card company regardless of the time frame. You never know unless you try.

  2. i've heard about this company - your post turns me off to them altogether - thanks for the heads-up! :D

  3. i guess we always need to be vigilant on transacting online so make sure to double check all things and read first review.


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