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Thursday 1 October 2015

Healthy Food Options for Dog Owners

Dog owners in the present day and age have begun to be increasingly concerned about the quality of the food and treats their dogs eat. For years there have been those who have decried the ingredients in the most accessible dog foods. Many list rather unappetizing items such as chicken by-product meal as the first ingredient, while others list corn. This is very much a concern for dog owners who think their dogs are getting plenty of real meat and other healthy things in their food. Would any dog owner be excited at the thought of chicken by-product meal? Highly unlikely.

Many standard dog food products also list a cacophony of bizarre-sounding and hard to pronounce ingredients. Some of these are preservatives, while others are complete mysteries. The average person likely won't be able to identify many, if any, of them.

In recent years, several dog food brands have begun to rise to prominence with recipes that use real meat and other important ingredients dogs need in their diets. In addition to some of these nationally known brands, there are also independent brands appearing in regions across the country that offer their own natural recipes for dog food and even dog treats.

Dog owners looking to provide their furry friends with the best dog food and the healthiest dog treats now have many options open to them because people and companies know there is a market for these products. A search on the Internet will turn up nationally known dog food brands as well as some of the independent businesses.

Many of these companies try to put unique spins on their offerings, such as, which professes to have a staff of animals overseeing the all-natural dog treat products. In a very unusual twist, a cat is the "chef." It's a cute idea that helps beat down the tired old myth that cats and dogs are mortal enemies.

Businesses such as this and others make dog treats entirely out of real meats, including beef and chicken. Delivery is in clear bags so the customer can always see exactly what they're purchasing. Every part of the product and its packaging are American in origin, including the animals that provide the meat and the work done to prepare the meat.

It's never been easier to make the switch to all-natural dog food and treats. Examining your options is only a click away.

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