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Sunday 31 May 2015

It's Been a Fun-filled Week!

I used to always complain that my grandmother never threw a damn thing out. I would tease her that she was a borderline hoarder! Well, I'm happy to say that since she rarely throws anything out, she still has most of my baby clothes. Yes, she had stashed some newborn and toddler sized dresses, which I'm excited for my little angel to wear. Can't believe that my daughter will be wearing the clothes that I wore almost 35 years ago... and the type of dresses are hard to find these days. There's so many gorgeous ruffly dresses, all in almost new condition.

Since she had them put away in the cedar-chest, they all smelled like the wood... she's been having fun hand washing everything, and drying them in the sun on the balcony. I already have half of them put away in the babies room, and looking forward to seeing what other goodies are coming my way.

I have to say that it's been an interesting week... a week full of events. I'm sitting at the computer writing this, and I'm so exhausted. The extra walking this week has surely caught up with me. This past Wednesday I had an appointment with my gyno, and happy to hear that my latest tests came back perfect. A couple weeks back I had to go for a glucose test to see if I had gestational diabetes... only thing that came back that the doctor wasn't happy about, was that I'm low in iron.

After that quick appointment, my partner, mom and grandma and I ended up going for a 3D/4D sonogram... which I LOVED! It's amazing what they can do these days... can't believe I was looking at my daughter on the big screen. We must of been there for almost an hour, having a laugh that my daughter wouldn't uncover her face. It almost looked like she was praying, with her hands folded in front of her face, and also was holding both her legs up... looked like she was hugging them. We had a fun time trying to get her to move around, but finally was able to get about 47 pictures in. What an amazing experience... can't wait to add them to a baby book.

Today my partner and I went to the mall to pick up some shoes for his work. I had ordered some online and had them shipped to the store close by, but we ended up finding something else that he liked more. We ended up meeting my grandmother there, which was nice spending the day with her. We did so much walking back and forth throughout the mall, I felt sick and became cranky. I forgot what it's like shopping on a weekend... it made me remember why I hate malls!

I'm amazed at how people are such assholes... no one gives a shit that a woman is pregnant and needs a seat. No one has manners anymore... no one gives the elderly, pregnant, or disabled seats anymore. My grandmother was ready to fight with some younger woman who clearly had nothing wrong with them, over some seats. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and showing... and we had been walking for hours, I was ready to drop, I needed to sit so bad. No one cares anymore... almost like people would kill for a seat. I clearly overdid it today, and now I'm in agony. The past few days I have noticed some spotting... I called the doctor and she told me to take it easy. I guess walking in a mall today wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do.

Time to pass out for the evening... hope you all have a good night!

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