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Thursday 8 January 2015

Treating Depression with Technology at Home or Work

Many people need the natural sunlight to feel like themselves. While they can handle a few cloudy days, they may suffer from depression and fatigue when the seasons change from summer to winter. The days get shorter and the sunlight becomes less plentiful, leading to some people suffering from a condition called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. When they want to feel better without having to take medications or moving to a different geographical location, people may cure their own SAD by using technology like SAD lighting.

The lights themselves differ from the light given off by a regular bulb or even a computer screen. These sources of light are artificial and a bit harsh. However, SAD lights seem to be more natural and help the body release the hormones necessary to relieve depression. When people sit under these lights throughout the day, they experience the same light that is found in the natural outdoor sunlight. Their depression may lessen, letting them feel and function better.

When people decide that this technology is for them, they can check out the different models of SAD lights that are available online. Using the information that is printed on the site, as well as the pictures, they can explore the various sizes and models before choosing one that suits their budget and available space.

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