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Friday 23 January 2015

Baby Freebies - Celebrating my 2nd Trimester!

Now that I'm in the second semester of my pregnancy, it's finally starting to register that I'm actually pregnant. I guess in a way, I was afraid that I'd have yet another miscarriage. I've been to many appointments and ultrasounds, and the baby is doing great!

I decided to start looking for all the awesome freebies for new/expecting mothers - Canada, so here's a list of offers you should take advantage of:

The Nestle Baby Program - Up to $130 in free mommy perks!

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New Born Baby Items...

This website has compiled a list of the top baby companies, and once you fill out their form they submit your information so that you can receive freebies! Companies want to give you free stuff, as it's cheap advertising, and in hope that you continue to purchase their products.

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Enfamil Canada - Free Baby Starter Kit - Over $160 in Coupons

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More to come shortly as I find them!

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