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Monday 18 August 2014

Cat For Sale - Just Kidding!

With it being my first day back to work being complete, I wanted to go to bed early. I find that if I'm lacking sleep at the beginning of my work week, it will slowly add up day by day. My week at the moment starts on a Sunday, and my day five is on a Thursday. With that said, I went to bed early... by 11pm at the latest.

I was in a deep sleep, when all of a sudden my fur-baby decided to use my stomach as a trampoline. Imagine a 17lb cat jumping from the window ledge, and bouncing off your stomach at top speed. Yes, I screamed and actually fell out of bed. I'm sure my neighbors heard me curse at the damn cat... swearing at 2am in the morning! I love my cat, but not at this hour! Looks like he's the only one that will be purring tomorrow.

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