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Monday 24 March 2014

Top 6 Harmful Ingredients for your Face

Mostly the ingredients that we add to our faces do not actually serve the purpose that we intent to but worsen the problem instead. Scientists have therefore noted some of the ingredients that are harmful to your face when you get used to them or expose them to your face for quite a long time. Some of them include the following;

1. Petroleum and their related Petrochemicals: Petroleum distillates are toxic and they are used in treatment of callus and hairspray. They are no good to the environment and furthermore they are likely to interfere with the perspiration suffocate your skin.

2. Hydroquinone:
This ingredient is very toxic and in itself and has been objected because of the various reasons. This product is a suspected carcinogen and thus not advisable to be left on skin at formulations above 1%. Furthermore this product has been banned in some areas. It also has Blue-Black lesions as its detrimental side effects. You should consider avoiding products that have hydroquinone as its ingredients or exceeds 1% in its concentration.

3. Chemical Sunscreen:
The best sunscreens are those that are formed from the blockers such as zinc and titanium oxide. Ingredient oxybenzone that is mostly used in sunscreens has been known to disrupt body hormones. It enters through the skin easily and most likely goes in with the toxic substance that it contains. Moreover it is allergic to the skin and can cause varied bad skin reactions. It is therefore advisable to use only those sunscreens that are only made from physical blockers.

4. Fragrance:
Fragrance is not always your fancy companion when it comes to your facial make up. You need to be aware that it includes a number of ingredients that can disrupt your hormones that controls most of the body's operations. Anyone who adds perfume to their face needs to be aware of its related side effects because it is not just a mere natural product.

5. Triclosan:
Triclosan is a very powerful ingredient that is used as an antimicrobial agent. It is used in a variety of purposes like the making of soap used in face and hand wash. Furthermore this product is used in the treatment of acne and as a deodorant. Research reveals that continuous use of this product is likely to lead to hermaphroditic marine organisms and resistant bacteria as it stays for long in your body. This ingredient also has some of the effects on the thyroid glands. In case you find a facial makeup or any other facial product that has Triclosan as one of the ingredient, it is not advisable that you take that product.

6. Paraben products:
This product is used as an ingredient in most preservatives and it was recently to be present in the breast tumors tissue. This product has thus gone through quite a lot of debates and has been found to affect the female sex hormones. It has been found to mimic the estrogen hormone.

It is therefore very important for anyone who wishes to use facial product to consider the safety of the products they use as this goes a long way in the entire health of your body.

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