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Monday 20 January 2014

Sporty and Chic Ways to Wear Sneaker Wedges

Fashion trends come and go but when something comes up that has all of the things we like in one package, you can bet your favorite pajama bottoms that it’s here to stay. Enter the wedge sneakers—chic and tall like a wedge but having the sporty style characteristic of sneakers. These shoes can make you up to three inches taller and when paired with the right bottoms, make you look great even when you’re just wearing a plain white tee. The shoes often have padded lining which makes wearing them a snug and comfortable experience, even when you’re in for a whole day (or night) of running around town.

Sneaker wedges let you mix and match outfits for a stylish and sporty look. These chunky shoes are best worn with tights or skinny jeans but they won’t stop you from wearing a skirt or a dress, either. Wedge sneakers come in a variety of designs and you are sure to find a pair or two (or ten!) that would match the outfits you already have in your closet. You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe if you want to have a new look—just put on a pair of these chic and sporty shoes and you’re good to go!

The versatile style of wedge sneakers makes them a perfect match to any outfit. Rock your wedge sneakers in these basic styles:

Sporty casual. Go for leg-hugging skinny jeans or leggings that make your legs look long and slender. Tuck the bottoms into the sneakers and wear a fitted shirt or tank top with a jacket. Add a few sporty accessories like a baseball cap or a chunky watch and you’re ready to play.

Classy but comfy. Women who like the comfort of free-flowing tops can keep it classy by wearing soft, button-down shirts on top of their jeans and leggings. Those who are blessed with a full figure would also look great in a tailored blazer over a plain cotton blouse, worn with neutral-colored sneaker wedges.

Short and sweet. Who says strappy heels, sandals and ballet flats are the only things you can wear with dresses? Sneaker wedges can add a bit of funk to your feminine ensemble anytime. If you like short, patterned dresses, pair these off with neutral sneakers. If you want to bring attention to your feet, you can wear a dress top over sleek black leggings. High-low skirts also work to show off your legs and shoes perfectly.

Artful accessories. The key to accessorizing with sneaker wedges is to keep things balanced. As the sneakers are statement pieces by themselves, there’s no need to wear bulky belts and statement bracelets—you can let your shoes speak for your lower half. Keep the accessories on top: wear a hat, layer on the necklaces, wrap a scarf around your neck or put on those eye-catching dangle earrings. See which ones work best together but don’t wear them all at once!

Still can’t decide on how to wear your sneaker wedges? Just follow this basic fashion rule: no clashing! If you have printed or patterned wedge sneakers, wear an outfit or a scarf in a solid color and vice-versa. Try everything and don’t be afraid to experiment with looks to let your own fashion style shine through.

This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84

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  1. Wow…it looks trendy and I love the colour and design. This is ideal for any occasion.


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