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Saturday 21 September 2013

Where Have I Been?!

So for those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, you've probably noticed that I've been mia for some time. Where have I been hiding? No where exciting unfortunately. Quite a bit has been going on in my life, and I've been debating how much to disclose. When I started this blog it was for therapeutic purposes, but with the increase of followers and family/friends reading, I've kind of lost that side and freedom.

I've been somewhat okay. I've been burdened with a fair amount of stress, but it's somewhat manageable compared to the past. I guess the huge difference is that I'm not depressed like before, God bless Prozac! I have however, had a number of panic attacks, and my anxiety has been crazy. How have I been managing it? I've been going to the gym at least three times a week, to help relax and relieve stress. Yoga has become a huge part of my life, which helps me unwind.

I've also been having a huge spell of insomnia lately, which I know probably will be followed with crazy fatigue. I know my body, and the patterns I go through. I'm so far behind in things, keep putting everything off. I have a shit load of product review to work on, as well as art for some people... portraits. My mind and heart just isn't in it at the moment, and I have trouble focusing. I'm not depressed like I was to the point of not wanting to live, but I'm still battling depression. It's a daily  battle that I don't wish upon anyone.

Once again it's fairly late and I'm unable to sleep. Millions of things run thought my mind... it's a never ending story in my brain. I've been self medicating to manage everything, and I know it will eventually bite me in the ass.

Well that's enough rambling and torture for tonight... I will fill you all in on more gossip later. Have a great weekend and God bless.


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