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Monday 30 September 2013

For the Love of Our Appearance

Appearance is everything. It dominates our everyday lives, we are constantly aware of how we look, mindful of the things that we wear and the way in which we will be thought of and represented simply due to our appearance. The level of effort and time we take to look a certain way will be clear to those around us and we will almost be thought of in a higher manner if we are presentable, fashionable and what we each consider to be ‘pretty’.

Society, with the help of the media, places a large amount of emphasis on appearance and it places a great deal of pressure on each of us to conform to the desired look. We all rely so heavily on clothes, beauty products make up, these are the tools we use to transform the natural us into things of beauty and style. There is little regard for the idea of natural beauty, this is no longer the desired look, all of our features are heightened with make up or even cosmetic surgery that we strongly believe improves the features that we already have or adds the ones that we were lacking.

We all go above and beyond to look our very best whether it is consulting a plastic surgeon or a dental implant specialist to mimic the looks that are favoured by those we hold in high esteem.

Celebrities are the ones we tend to strive to look like, whether it is their dress sense, the brands that they wear, hairstyles or actual physical features. The view we have of celebrities and their appearance is unrealistic as teams of make up artists surround them and hairdressers, their photographs are airbrushed and it is their job to look perfect at all times. This is something we simply cannot keep up with and no matter how much time and money we spend it is not practical to be so entirely devoted to our looks when we have an everyday life to lead.

We all have very specific views on what we consider to be beautiful that are strongly supported by the culture and lifestyle we all prefer. Plastic surgery is now no longer a unique thing that is only undergone by the rich and famous, it is now far more accessible to the everyday person and the number of procedures that are taking place is soaring as we dedicate ourselves to looking beautiful, slim, with big hair and perfect make up and just the right facial features and physical attributes. Every part of our bodies can easily be transformed to be perfectly chiselled, adjusted in terms of placement, increased or decreased, there are whole ranges of different procedures that will allow a person to become someone else almost overnight.

Sometimes, in a rare case, procedures take place for something more than just purely appearance-based reasons. Procedures may be a necessity due to medical complaint, discomfort or leading to a future problem. There is no real harm in having medical, surgical or dental procedures done as long as though they are done for the right reasons, discussed and well thought through.

The desire to look good is essential and there are tools and means and people out there that are able to help as long as you are attempting to create a realistic view of yourself.

This article was written by Amanda Walters, a freelance journalist, blogger, poet and an artist. She is a regular contributor to various websites including HuffingtonPost, and DailyWaffle. She loves to network, attending events across the UK. Follow her on twitter @Amanda_W84

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