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Saturday 24 August 2013

Most Comfortable Shoes for Men

Men's shoes come in many different varieties. While many of these styles are fashionable and functional, everyone's feet are different. Because everyone has a different shape of their foot, different spots of the shoe need to be adjusted to find the perfect fit.

While custom-made shoes are the most comfortable shoes for men, this is not always a practical option. Custom-made shoes are quite costly and the better-quality ones will need to be maintained. Leather, for example, is a popular material used on the surface of many high quality shoes. This material needs to be polished and remain moist so the shoes do not dry up.

If custom-made shoes aren't an option, many men have found gel inserts work wonders. The squishy gel contorts to the foot, accommodating for unique bumps or curvature. The gel also provides extra padding so those wearing it can stand, walk and run longer without feeling the hurt. Unlike getting custom-made shoes, gel inserts are typically very inexpensive. Even the luxury brand inserts are significantly less expensive than a brand new pair of shoes.

When choosing between custom shoes or just adding gel inserts, it is important to try examples of each. Because everyone is different, some may choose practical over price to see the best results.

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