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Friday 9 August 2013

G & L Clothing: Bring Sexy Into Your Work Safety Gear!

Construction and maintenance professionals are used to working in an environment that is far from safe. The risk of being injured by heavy machinery and debris is always a reality, as well as the risks that stem from outside sources.

When you're driving in your car and you approach a construction zone, signs warn you to slow down. The workers on site have enough to worry about without the fear that they could be mulled over by a speeding van.

Most construction related deaths and injuries are not vehicle related, and this is likely attributed to high visibility clothing. One can purchase vests, shirts and other garments that are ablaze in a neon yellow, green or orange. Many pieces are also decked out with reflectors that provide even more enhanced visibility, especially at night.

Workers aren't the only ones who benefit from such clothing, anyone who's going to be out near busy streets will benefit. Bikers, runners and walkers who exercises either late at night or early in the morning will greatly elevate their level of safety and protection with such clothing. It's always important to take precautions when doing any activity near a highway, as motorists can be very unpredictable.

If you can't find these garments in local stores, don't hesitate to order online. Sites like have plenty of choices so that you can make the most out of your investment. Shopping online will also open you up to great deals and discounts that are unavailable in stores.

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