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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Top 5 Homemade Gift Ideas

We all feel compelled to gift our friends and loved ones with presents when one of the many holiday occasions arise. There are always a number of people to buy for and the gift list can quickly spiral out of control as so many people feel if they buy for one person they have to buy for their family, and someone else that is of a similar relationship to you. It isn't simply the cost of gift giving that makes it a stressful time, but finding the perfect gift for each person can be close to impossible. Men, women and children, all can be notoriously difficult to buy for due to specific tastes, the love of expensive items and the fact they are able to buy so many items themselves all year around rather than waiting for gift receiving occasions. Finding the perfect item is a challenge but one that can now be enjoyable and cost effective, making something yourself, whether it involves making the entire item or simply personalizing a ready made product is the best way to give the recipient a gift they want whilst you not only have gift inspiration but are able to keep control of the costs.

1. Wedding Present
Wedding gifts are difficult, you can be unsure what to by the couple, and especially as so many have set up their home prior to being married. How much to spend is a regular concern as most people feel they have to spend more than they would like and finding the ideal gift that other guests will not think of make the entire process tough. A pair of personalized champagne glasses can include the wedding date and the couples name and will allow them the opportunity to celebrate their nuptials privately whilst giving them an everlasting keepsake.

2. Anniversary
Anniversary gifts are often determined by the length of time the couple have been together for. Tradition states that a certain number of years will result in a certain gift or one made of a particular material. For example, a one year anniversary would result in a paper based present. There are so many gifts that would be perfect for an anniversary in keeping with tradition. A wooden personalized photo frame, a crystal vase or a beautiful homemade anniversary card, all are the perfect sentimental gifts that show someone you care.

3. Valentines Day
Valentines day is all about the romance and does not have to mean a big expense. Sentimentality is key with this holiday and the smallest and cheapest gifts can mean the most if some thought has gone into them. A canvas of a blow up photo of the loved up couple or a painting that has been made by you to perfectly signify love and adoration are the best type of gifts and are sure to secure you a place in the receivers heart.

4. Mothers Day
Our mothers are a constant source of love, advice and support and mother’s day is the perfect opportunity to thank them for all that they do and will continue to do. Mothers will often tell us not to buy them anything but the day cannot pass unnoticed. Jewelry made by none other than their child is a gift that will cement your feelings for you mum. An intricate and unique piece designed just for her shows you care and have taken the time and effort to produce the piece.

5. Fathers Day
Men can be difficult to buy for and choosing a perfect gift for a man may not always be that simple. Men tend to be more outdoors focused than women and a gift for the garden can be just as meaningful to them as any other typical fathers day gift. A bird house will not only be a lovely addition to the garden but will encourage all types of bird and wildlife to your father’s home. can provide the best gift options for any occasion and any recipient and has the tools and materials available to help you make the perfect sentimental gift.

This article was written by Amanda Walters, a freelance journalist, blogger, poet and an artist. She is a regular contributor to various websites including HuffingtonPost, and DailyWaffle. She loves to network, attending events across the UK. Follow her on twitter @Amanda_W84

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