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Wednesday 22 May 2013

Medical Update

Once again I'm stuck with another night of insomnia. I've been getting only about 2 hours of sleep every night, and haven't been feeling too well. I don't know if it's due to stress, but my anxiety seems to be acting up as well. Maybe it's because of the last month with the added stressors. Which I should probably update you and let you all know that mom is doing well.

The last month I've taken on more then I have in over a year or so. With mom having surgery, it forced me to take on more responsibility. Really at my age I should be fully independent  however, it's such a struggle due to my anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia. The last few weeks I've been taking the bus around town to visit mom, visit grandma, and running errands. On top of that I had gone back to work... and boom... stress overload.

I really just want to get a good nights sleep, so I don't feel so stressed and anxious. I wake up feeling sick, tired, just completely unwell. At least I'm eating well... although I haven't lost any more weight. Hopefully I can finally get some rest, relax my mind, and continue on the road to a better me.

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