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Saturday 9 February 2013

Spoil Yourself with DIY Spa Treatments for Valentine’s Day

If you’re excited for Valentine’s Day and have a date with a boyfriend, husband, or a friend, you’re most likely looking forward to it! Sometimes when you have an exciting event planned its fun to beautify yourself by planning an at home treatment. Think about how rejuvenated you will feel if you plan on giving yourself a manicure, pedicure, waxing treatment, or practicing your makeup beforehand. Don’t wait until the last minute to do your rejuvenating treatment, however, but instead plan ahead a few days prior to Valentine’s Day. By implementing a few DIY treatments you’ll feel both revitalized and ready to enjoy every minute of your special V-Day.

Relax with a Mani and Pedi – If you’re tired of going to your nearest salon and spending money to get a mani or a pedi, why not pull out your favorite spring nail polish color and set up your own salon in your home? In fact, you can even invite your girlfriends over for a fun mani and pedi party if time allows. Don’t forget the loofah brush, soap, and cuticle trimmers so you can have a complete DIY home salon treatment. After you’re done doing your nails and toes, they will look pretty for Valentine’s Day. You didn’t even have to spend a penny!

Clarify Your Skin with Vitamins – If you’ve been feeling out of sorts and haven’t been taking care of your body, not only should you begin to eat plenty of healthy fruits, veggies, whole grains, and protein, but you should also try to incorporate vitamins that will help revitalize your body and skin. It’s true that what you eat effects the rest of your body, so if you’d like to be in wonderful spirits in time for V-Day to arrive take a daily vitamin, get lots of rest, and eat all of the right foods. Use this free shipping code here for and stock up on vitamins for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Practice Your Hair and Makeup – Maybe you have an idea in mind for your hair and makeup but you haven’t had time to practice it yet. If this is the case, carve out time to practice your Valentine’s Day hairstyle and glam makeup look before the holiday arrives. Whether it’s red lipstick and dusty rose eye shadow or a topknot with a French braid incorporated into your classy updo, your V-Day look will look both glam and beautiful.

Valentine’s Day will most certainly be a day that you won’t forget and you’ll feel refreshed after completing at home DIY relaxation techniques. Also after completing multiple DIY treatments you’ll feel extra special and ready to have a V-Day celebration that’s both memorable and fashionable.

Sierra is a freelance writer who enjoys Valentine’s Day and she’s currently searching for the perfect ensemble! Catch up with Sierra on her Ocean Dreams blog.

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