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Monday 25 February 2013

Fighting Depression and Anxiety: Controlling Your Environment

Those of us who struggle with Depression and Anxiety know that our inner selves are often deeply affected by the external. External things can happen that will trigger a sense of deep sadness, or a spiral down a drain that feels uncontrollable. While Depression and Anxiety are not easy to cure, there are things you can do to help create and maintain a living space that will support you in feeling calmer, safer, and happier. 

The Do What You Can Plan
Depression makes everything harder, because it’s difficult to be motivated. Often exhaustion accompanies Depression, and the lack of hope you feel may cause you to wonder what the worth is in maintaining your environment. One of the best ways to fight Depression is to continue with your life, even when you’re feeling sad or alone. That isn't easy, so even if you take just five minutes every day to create some order, you’ll hopefully begin to feel a sense of control. Straighten a drawer. Throw out some old beauty products you no longer use. Dust a shelf. Make your bed. Often accomplishing something can help ease the pain of Depression, and feeling control can help calm Anxiety.

Add Elements that Inspire You
Bringing life into your space can help renew your sense of life. Brightly colored fish in a tank will bring some color and life into your space. Swallow Aquatics have a range of cheap fish tanks that can set you up to bring home your fish. Do a bit of research on what types of fish you’d like, and what equipment you’ll need to properly care for the fish. Set them up in a place you’ll see them often. 

Set Yourself Up for Success
If external elements like loud roommates or neighbors add to your struggle with Depression, set up some elements in your space to help drown out those voices. At night, use ear plugs or a soothing sleep machine to help your body and mind find rest. Invest in a sleep mask if outdoor lights shining in through your window are the problem. Help set some boundaries with roommates by discussing what is a reasonable volume. If you have trouble calming your mind down from the Anxieties of the day, implement some bedtime activities, such as journaling, or even doing a few mind puzzles such as Sudoku to divert and focus your mind. 

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