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Tuesday 8 January 2013

A Guide To Diamond Buying

While many people purchase their engagement and wedding rings at a traditional jewelry store, others prefer to use a more non-traditional route. Many people have moved toward creating a more customized ring, choosing the stone separately, while designing a setting to match. Some like to buy their rings in a matching set. When it comes to wedding bands, they are as unique and as special as the people who wear them. Everyone has their own preference and style; however, it is vital to know the basics about finding quality rings that will last a lifetime.

Loose Diamonds

Many people prefer to purchase loose stones when buying that special ring. When purchasing your stones separately, you can be sure that the purchase price is going directly toward the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the stone. You don’t have to worry about the setting or any of the other details of the ring at that moment. You are left to simply concentrate on finding the most extraordinary stone that your budget will allow. Loose stones come in oval, pear shaped, radiant cut, princess cut, and more.

Grades & Categories

When selecting the perfect stone for your special someone, be sure to examine the quality, and characteristics to determine what grade of stone it is. Known as the “four Cs”, diamonds are categorized according to their cut, clarity, carat weight, and color.

  • Cut: Not to be confused with shape, the cut of the stone makes quite a difference in the over-all appearance of the diamond. The cut will determine the stone’s brilliance, which is a gleaming quality that comes from the center of the stone. The angles at which the stone is cut, affects its ability to handle and reflect light. If a stone has an ideal cut, it will reflect the light back to the eye. This gives the stone its sparkle, and adds to its radiance.
  • Clarity: While diamonds are naturally forming, inclusions and imperfections will occur. The clarity of the stone is based on how many of these imperfections exist within the rock, as well as the size of those imperfections. The stone is graded according to the presence of inclusions, and blemishes within the diamonds core and surface.
  • Color: Although chocolate and colored diamonds have become trendy these days, colorless diamonds remain a traditional classic. Void of color, the stone allows maximum light to permeate through its surface causing a higher brilliance. The color scale categorizes the stones in grades from colorless, to light yellow.
  • Carat Weight: Larger, heavier diamonds are rarer than their smaller counterparts, making them more desirable and valuable.

Make sure that you fully understand all of the grades and categories before you start to shop. By knowing exactly what you are looking for, you can find the perfect ring for your bride-to-be. Shopping for rings has become easier, as online websites have begun offering loose stones. Simply enter the specifications for your stone, and an expert will help you find the perfect pick. Also, when selecting a stone for your ring, ask about the stone’s certificate. The certificate will describe the weight, measurements, cut, as well as other vital characteristics of the ring.

There are many things to learn about selecting the perfect ring for your beautiful bride. Take the time to learn the basics so you can choose a ring that will truly take her breath away.

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