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Tuesday 4 December 2012

Wake up Happy (Even During the Holidays)

Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, or fatigue during the holidays, maybe for you its more difficult than most to actually stay happy during this time. Instead of feeling discouraged that you can’t get into the holiday mood, find out what will help you wake up in a happy mood and carry you through the day. Waking up refreshed and ready-to-go will help you feel better and will also help you enjoy the day. So are you ready? Here are some tips that will help you wake up, stay happy and get you in the holiday spirit!

Don’t Forget Your Vitamins!

Is your body getting the correct nutrients? Many people don’t know it, but a vitamin D and calcium deficiency can lead to depression and you not feeling your best. Therefore it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough nutrition in the form of foods that will help your body feel energized. Did you know that coq10 is another supplement that helps your body with its energy level? It functions with the mitochondria in your body and thus aids with the energy production in your cells. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps shield you from potential viruses, which also affect your mood because if you’re not feeling well this also can lead to anxiety and other issues.

Tap into Your Energy with Color

Part of feeling blue is not having enough energy during the holidays, so in order to get your energy going first thing in the morning is by implementing a pop of color. Seeing a vibrant hue when you first open your eyes will make you smile and will also give you an extra burst of energy. Instead of dwelling on what is wrong, you’ll instead be concentrating on the bright object in the room that makes you happy. Depending on what makes you happy within, find a piece of art, a favorite pillow, or a blanket throw that comes in one of your favorite bright colors such as yellow, fuchsia, red, or orange. Place it next to your bed so that it’s the first thing you see in the morn.

Next, before you head to work or go about with your day, implement bright colors in your breakfast as well. For example, eat an orange, drink some orange juice, or cut up some strawberries – all of these vibrant colors combined will get you going in the morning and should help change your frame of mind from glum to hopeful.

These are just a few tips to help you wake up with a smile on your face first thing in the morning, but there are many additional tips as well. Picture the day ahead, think happy thoughts (visualization helps), and distract yourself with things and people that make you content. Pretty soon waking up happy will become a habit and you’ll find yourself enjoying the holidays!

Sierra is a freelance writer who loves the holiday season. Catch up with Sierra on her blog Ocean Dreams.

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