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Saturday 1 December 2012

Day 2: 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways - Rembrandt Stain Dissolving Strips & 2 Hour Whitening Kit: Giveaway!

For as long as I can remember, I have always taken fairly good care of my teeth. Growing up, I didn't have the prettiest mouth, as I was in need of braces. Yes, I had braces for over three years of my high school life, had all four wisdom teeth pulled, and I now have a fabulous smile. I always had a pretty smile, but straight white teeth sure does improve the overall look. Even though I take care of my teeth, with every day life they can take abuse from what you eat and drink. I'm addicted to chai tea and the occasional glass of red wine, but my teeth don't love it. I've used a couple brand name whiteners in the past, but fell in love with Rembrandt! They carry a wide variety of whitening products to suit everyone's needs, there's something for everyone.

I received a variety of products from Rembrandt, and couldn't wait to get started on having a whiter smile.
    Now if only I received these products earlier in the summer, to help prepare me for my big wedding day. That's okay, it's never too late to brighten your smile.The item that I tested was the REMBRANDT® INTENSE STAIN® Stain Dissolving Strips. I've used many other whitening strips in the past, and I must say that these are by far the best so far. I love how you don't have to wait and remove the strip before doing anything. So you could actually go about your normal day, and use them any time. I like to keep a few in my purse, and use them throughout the day. You can use a couple in a row, or wait between each use. The main goal with these strips, is that you will have a noticeably whiter smile within two weeks. These strips are meant to help remove tough stains from smoking, tea, coffee, wine, etc.

    All you have to do is keep them on for 5-10 minutes at a time, and you can just wipe it away if you like. I personally don't like the feeling of anything on my teeth, so I like to wipe them with a tissue after ten minutes. Even with me having sensitive teeth, once again I had no problem with this product. There really is no flavor to the product, and there isn't any foul taste or smell. Nothing worse then having something smelling and tasting toxic in your mouth. 

    The packaging is a nice bright red, so it would easily catch anyone's eye with it on a drugstore shelf. The actual packaging is just like any other strips... small cardboard box that contain strips for the top and bottom teeth.The individual packaging of each strip were easy to open, although I did find the first one challenging. Once I had it figured out... it was easy from there!

    I also tested the REMBRANDT® 2 Hour Whitening Kit. I had tried this whitening kit last, as I wanted to wait and test all other products first. I saw huge improvement overall in the whitening of my teeth with everything else, but it was over a period of time. The 2 Hour Whitening Kit was nice that you use it, and then it's done. No more messy strips to deal with day after day, it was done and over with within two hours... the same time as watching a movie! It had basically the same results as the rest, just in a shorter amount of time. I can't tell you exactly how many shades lighter my teeth are, but it's a HUGE difference.

    Interested in getting a bright smile for the holidays? Of course you are! Click here to grab yours today, or purchase it at your local store!

    Interested in winning some awesome teeth whitening products? Of course you do!Thanks to Rembrandt one lucky reader has a chance to win a Rembrandt Whitening Kit! To qualify you must be 18+, and be a resident of US/CA.

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