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Saturday 17 November 2012

Why Hearty Soups Will Warm Your Body and Heal You

If you’re in need of some hearty soups to warm you up and add something new to your fall and winter meals, either at home or in a restaurant, there are plenty to try! If you’re not a soup fan but are willing to give it a shot, there are always spices and sea salt that will add to the taste of a great soup. If you decide to give hearty soups a try this fall and winter time, check out a restaurant supply store that has all the supplies you will need to make delicious soups and more for your home or restaurant.

Soups Cleanse Your System
Did you know the reason why so many cleansing companies and health sites tell you to eat soup while on a healthy diet is because it cleanses you? Soups come with many vital nutrients that your body needs, and depending on what type of soup you decide to make, liquid soup is gentle on your digestive system and also tastes delicious, too. There are many healthy soups that you should take advantage of during the fall time, such as butternut squash soup, which is a creamy slow cooker soup. If you really want to cleanse your system, another healthy soup to try is the Tomatillo Chicken Soup. This soup is made with tomatillos, jalapenos, and lime juice, which give this slow-cooker chicken soup recipe a Mexican twist with a little kick!

Soups Help You Get Over a Cold
Fall and winter are great for huddling inside your home and staying warm, and usually if you’re lucky, you won’t catch a cold or the flu! If you do happen to catch a cold, that’s unfortunate, but soups can help you get better due to their nourishing ingredients. Fill your body with plenty of fluids, including soup. If you wonder why doctors always tell you to drink fluids and have plenty of soup, it is because it cleanses your system and helps the virus pass through your body more quickly and efficiently.

Watch for Sodium Levels
The only negative aspect about soup is that if you buy canned soup it usually contains a lot of sodium, and the amount of salt is usually more than your body needs. Read the labels carefully and either add more water to lessen the amount of sodium or buy a low sodium soup. It usually says how much sodium is in the soup on the label or if you buy soup online be sure to check the labels on the site as well. Soup is a great way to cleanse and nourish your family members or customers this fall and winter time, so don’t be afraid to try different kinds of soup and allow it to heal you!

Sierra is a freelance writer who loves soup. Some of her favorites include chicken tortilla and baked potato soup.

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