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Saturday 3 November 2012

Medical Update!

Hey everyone! I figured I might as well give you an update on how I've been. It's been a constant struggle and battle when it comes to my anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I saw my family Dr the other day, and she honestly didn't know what to do. Yet again the Insurance company is giving me problems. I have to appeal their decline for coverage... which means now I'm stuck with owing roughly $8000. I was stressed and ill before, now I'm having a meltdown. Yes, I had a mental breakdown in front of my grandmother and mother.

I had requested a psychiatrist in the summer, and the soonest I can see one is for December 3rd. What the hell is this world coming to? So mental health patients have to wait half a year to see someone? So by now my mental state is fucked. Excuse my language... but by now I've lost it. My family Dr actually recommended me to admit myself into the hospital in patient therapy, since I can't get a psychiatrist sooner. For now, I'm going to work on my blogging and get that all set up... that way if I do have to admit myself, I won't have anything to worry about. I just want to feel normal again... when will that happen? I'm trying to be strong, trying to want to wake up in the morning, but it's so hard. I reach out to the Dr's for help... and most of them are useless. I pray that tomorrow is a brighter day.

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