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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Hair, Skin, and Nails: The Elements of a Healthy, Vibrant Look

You wash your face diligently every night and take great care of your hair. You even invest in soothing facials and human hair extensions to keep your look fresh and exciting. Sometimes it can get expensive to throw a manicure into the mix. With a bit of practice, manicures are easy to do at home – and at a fraction of the price. The key is having the right tools and good quality products to mimic the professionals.

Invest in a small manicure kit and Emory boards. The kit should also contain a buffer to smooth nails, and a tool to either push back or remove cuticles. You should also have a small brush for cleaning under the nails.
Remove old polish, smooth ridges, and shape the nails. Push back cuticles, and then thoroughly wash your nails and hands. Use the small brush to remove dirt under the nails and dust left over from the buffing and shaping. Dry thoroughly.

  The next step is key if you want your manicure to last more than a week. Invest in a fast-drying, rubberized base coat, such as Orly’s Bonder. Apply one coat to all your nails. A rubberized base coat helps the nail grip the polish and prevents the color from wearing off.

After the base coat is dry, apply one coat of polish. It is very important to invest in a polish that is high-quality and smooth. OPI and China Glaze are both good brands. If you get some polish on the edges of your fingers, don’t worry. You can scrub it off later. Focus on evenly dispersed color and smooth strokes. Let the first coat dry for a bit and then apply a second.

Let the first two coats dry thoroughly before moving into the next steps. This creates a nice, smooth look for the nails. If the color you chose is light or transparent, you may need to apply a third coat, but only do this once the first two coats are dry. The first two coats create a good foundation for the third coat. If you put it on too soon, your nails may become gummy. Apply two coats of a good quality topcoat, such as OPI or Seche Vite.

Be sure to sit still and let your nails dry thoroughly before doing anything at all. Enjoy your manicure!

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