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Monday 10 September 2012

Why your makeup could use some deodorant!

Humid summer nights are never a good match for parties. So, with makeup literally melting off faster than I could apply it, I decided to risk a truly bizarre beauty tip that I heard about – using deodorant as a face primer.

Seriously! It sounds totally bonkers but works like a dream. The idea developed with a makeup artist’s ingenuity in figuring out that antiperspirants formulated to keep underarms dry should have the same effect when applied to parts of the face that have the most sweat glands – the upper lip and hairline. Today, most celebs on the red carpet stay sweat-free under the glaring lights by applying clear, unscented deodorant to their face (with a foundation brush in thin layers) before putting on makeup.

I did it yesterday and it totally worked – for the first time in summer, my makeup actually stayed in place. But remember that deodorants were not exactly developed for use on facial skin, so test them a small patch of your skin before applying all over the face. And only use the unscented ones for this purpose – I used Dove, though I guess Nivea would work just as well!

What’s your most bizarre beauty tip?

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