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Friday 21 September 2012

Medical Update

Since I woke up early today in terrible pain... my neck, throat, ears, etc... I decided to head over to the clinic by my place. Since yesterday evening, the pain has gotten a lot worse. After waiting for an hour for the clinic to open, I ended up waiting almost another hour until I saw someone. Turns out that I have an advanced case of strep throat... yuck! I assumed it was strep throat, since I've had it in the past... it felt just like it. What is strep throat... click here to read a previous post about it.. So for the next week or so I'm stuck taking antibiotics, and lots of bed rest.

1 comment :

  1. Aww! Sorry to hear you are sick - I've had strep and it is horrid!

    Get well soon, Kimberly!


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