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Friday 3 August 2012

Still feeling like shit!

Once again I'm not feeling the greatest. It's now day five, and I still have the runs. Yes, unfortunately I have diarrhea... wonderful topic eh?! Normally I wouldn't discuss this type of thing, but I'm actually starting to worry a bit. At first I thought maybe it's the stomach flu, or food poisoning... but it really shouldn't last this long. Everything I eat seems to flush through me within ten minutes, which is NOT normal. I'm not eating anything that would cause dumping syndrome, so now I'm thinking maybe I should actually see a doctor. If by tomorrow morning I still have the problem, I will be going to emergency. I guess it probably is better to be safe, especially since I'm probably a bit dehydrated by now. For now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be better by the end of the day. Ah.... seems to be one problem after another!

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