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Thursday 2 August 2012

Revenge of the Vegetarian: A Humorous Spin on the World of Vegetarianism!

I have always admired those of you who have been able to become full fledged vegetarians. I was a vegetarian myself once upon a time! I first started out with excluding red meat from my diet, and then poultry, eggs, and went vegan for a short time. I found that when I was a vegetarian, especially vegan, I felt the healthiest and happiest. Am I one now? Not exactly... I eat poultry and fish. Since my gastric bypass surgery I've been struggling to get enough protein, and started eating chicken again. Would I like to become a vegetarian? Yes. Why you may ask? Well, I love animals... and I would personally prefer not to eat them.

People have many reasons why they may not eat meat, or why they eat meat... I'm not one to judge anyone. I do enjoy a good book that talks about vegetarianism, and have a wide collection. I recently came across a unique book, that is like no other I've read before... Revenge of the Vegetarian: A Humorous Spin on the World of Vegetarianism. The book is written by Jim Tilberry, with Patricia Van Winkle, and it is quite amusing. It's the size of an average magazine, which makes it easy for anyone to read. It's great for reading a few pages at a time, or the whole thing in one sitting. Some of it may shock you, and some might make you laugh... but I guarantee you haven't read anything like it yet!

Written by a passionate vegetarian, who covers a range of topics about vegetarianism and the meat-eating culture. The author has his tongue firmly planted in cheek, while taking humorous jabs at a variety of easy targets. Get a silly lesson on how to deal with meat eaters in social situations. Read surprisingly funny interviews with famous dead vegetarians such as Gandhi, Socrates, and Ben Franklin. You'll even get a comical look at how the English language would change if an overly zealous vegetarian politician got his way. The book also poses a lot of "what ifs." What if there was a "Vegetarian Olympics"? What if vegetarians ruled the country? And what would a vegetarian horoscope tell you about your future? Also you'll learn some laughable techniques meat eaters can use to more easily quit their carnivorous habit. "Revenge" pokes fun at vegetarians, vegans, liberals and conservatives. But it pokes the most fun at meat eaters. This short entertaining book is ideal for any vegetarian or vegetarian wannabe with a sense of humor. Some adult language. Not appropriate for children.

Sounds like something you would like? It's available at many book stores, and Amazon carries it for $11.95 regular price.

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