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Wednesday 22 August 2012

My HCG Source: Super Trim Weight Loss Products!

I've tried so many ways to lose weight, some worked and some failed. A huge portion of the time they worked, but they have to be properly combined with healthy eating and a regular fitness regimen. Yes I will admit, half of the time I'm too lazy to exercise, but in reality that's the number one way to actually keep it off. With that said, if you're in need of a little help along with your healthy living, then the HCG Diet Drops from My HCG Source might be up your alley. The part that I like about this product, is that they're drops and not a pill. With me having gastric bypass surgery over a year ago, I'm still not able to swallow pills. I either take stuff that are liquefied, or pills that I have to manually crush.

What is the product supposed to do? Well, it states that it's supposed to suppress your appetite, therefore you would take it 30 minutes prior to eating. Moxie Drops are fairly new, and affordable to try. So if you're looking for a little added help for your healthy lifestyle, why not try them out?!

I did not receive a product for review, nor have I personally tried the product. I've read about it, and thinking of trying it out. Consult a doctor prior to trying any new health regimen. 


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