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Monday 6 August 2012

Medical Update

Just a little update to let you all know how I'm feeling. Well, I feel like shit! A week of constantly running to the washroom, with diarrhea that was like turning on a tap. Nothing that I ate seemed to stay with me, and it sure played a number on my system. Finally after a week, last night I went to the emergency room at the hospital where I had my gastric bypass surgery, as well as the gallbladder surgery.

They did blood work, urine and stool tests... my blood work came back fine. Unfortunately for the other tests, I have to wait a few days for those results. The doctor said most likely it's a virus, that needs to run it's course... grrr... I feel like crap and that's all he has to say! At least while I was there I had an IV and went through two bags of electrolyte stuff... that should help with my dehydration. For now, gotta rest and drink Gatorade to keep my body from losing too much electrolytes. After I got home, once again I was stuck in the washroom... not fun. I did't get to sleep much last night, and my stomach is burning. Hopefully this will start to get better soon. Only pro about this whole situation... I've dropped 11Lbs!

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