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Wednesday 8 August 2012

Medical Update

I figured I might as well update you all on some results that I got back. I've done quite a bit of calling around, and the awesome receptionist at my surgeons office deserves an award for the amount of work she did for me. So far the blood results from the other day came back all normal, as well did the urine sample. Two of the fecal samples came back negative for stuff like e coli, salmonella, etc. I'm still waiting on one further fecal test, which had to be sent out... that's to test for parasites. Until I find out the results for that, it's hard to say what the course of action will be. Hopefully my illness will just get better on it's own, that it's just a parasite related virus. It always seems that I trade one problem for another. Only positive thing about this whole mess... I've lost 13Lbs so far.

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