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Monday 28 November 2011

Silicone Body: The Booty Enhancer Panties!

For those of you who have been following my weight loss journey, then you would all know that I have lost over 100Lbs! What a wonderful thing to finally get some weight off, but when you have that much to drop, you end up with hanging skin and no butt! Well, thanks to a company called Silicone Body, I now have a bit of an ass! After dropping all the weight, my butt was flat and had no shape. No one wants to go for crazy body altering surgeries, especially if it involves putting something foreign in.

The mailman knocked on my apartment door because he had a package, so since I wasn't home and my mom was, she accepted it on my behalf. It was funny, because she sent me a text message to my cellphone asking what in the world I ordered? She said it feels like a breast implant, and at that moment I had no idea and just laughed about it. Once I got home and opened the package, I remembered that I was receiving a pair of butt padded panties from Silicone Body! They do offer breast enhancers, body slimmers, body shapers, butt pads, and much more!

The exact style that I received was the Silicone Padded Panty (high waist) in the color black, and I have to say I laughed putting it on. Holding them in my hand they felt heavy, but wearing them they don't. This undergarment you can't tell that you're wearing anything padded, and with it having a high waist, it holds any imperfection in. If someone grabs your butt, of course they will realize it's padded, but to the eye you can't tell. The funny but cool part of wearing these, is that it adds extra cushioning when sitting. With my recent weight loss it always hurts to sit, as my tailbone digs in and causes pain, but with these padded panties it solves that problem!

"Flat Butt Syndrome driving you crazy? Not anymore! Our large collection of padded underwear for women and men will give you an immediate sexy, yet invisible boost! Now you can comfortably wear your favorite clothes without worrying how you would look from behind. No more droopy, saggy pants, only a sexier, more confident you!

Silicone Body offers the largest selection of padded underwear for women and men, along with matching silicone butt pads, foam booty padding, padded panties with waist cinchers, slimming shapewear, breast and butt enhance boosters, and many other enhancing and slimming fashion accessories. Any flaw you have, just name it, we'll fix it!"

Okay, so some of the items they offer look like granny panties, but they do offer some sexier items! Click here to browse and purchase items! You don't have to have lost weight or be on a weight loss regimen to wear these items, they are perfect for anyone who wants a little added curve.

Keep an eye out during the holiday season because Silicone Body, has sponsored my '12 Days of Christmas Giveaways'! 9 lucky readers have a chance to win a pair of silicone padded panties!

I received an item(s), in exchange for my honest opinion, and a review of my experience. I did not receive any other compensation or incentive nor was I required to write a positive review. Individual results or experiences may vary.

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