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Monday 28 November 2011

Lashem: Beauty Essentials for the Eyes that Help Your Lashes Grow Faster!

With losing quite a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, one of the side effects is hair loss. It's not fun having thinning hair, and your eyelashes falling out. Yes, I've experienced this within the last seven months, and on the road to the hair growing back. While at the bariatric clinic getting blood tests done, I actually overheard two woman talking about their eyelashes, and a great product that they've been using to help them thicken and grow faster: Lashem. I actually have seen advertisements regarding the company before in the past, but actually hearing two woman talk about the product in person made me curious. If you're someone who wants thicker, longer eyelashes, then Lashem products you should try!

You don't have to be someone who has thinning hair to enjoy Lashem, their products can help your lashes grow longer, and in a quicker amount of time. Most make-up contains harsh chemicals that can actually contribute to thin eyelashes. Well, Lashem actually carries a mascara that's safe, and makes your eyes pop with beauty! They also carry Lash Gel which helps aid in eyelash growth, Anti-wrinkle Cream, and a product called 3-in-1 Eye Bright.

I received two items to review: Double Trouble Mascara, and their Measurable Difference Lash Gel. I have been using both products for about a month now, and I can actually see a difference in my eyelashes. My eyelashes were in the process of growing back, as half of them fell out due to health reasons. Using both products have speed up the growth, as I saw a difference almost right away. The mascara left my lashes looking thicker, fuller, and longer. Now that they have actually grown into a normal length again, I no longer need false ones!

Normally when I saw the Lashem advertisement, I thought to myself, how would that actually work? Well, it does and I'm proven bait that it DOES work! I was ready to try anything at that point, and was so happy to hear those woman talking about it at the doctors clinic.

The package that was sent to me was nicely wrapped in plastic, and each product in it's original sealed boxes. The company was also nice enough to include a nice Eco friendly bag with their logo on it... I love it!

Interested in purchasing your own Lashem products? Click here to get them now! They would make for the perfect holiday stocking stuffer for any woman. They also have a blog, swing by and check out their beauty secrets!

Keep an eye out during the holiday season because Lashem, has sponsored my '12 Days of Christmas Giveaways'! One lucky reader has a chance to win a Measureable Difference Lash Gel and a Double Trouble Mascara!

I received an item(s), in exchange for my honest opinion, and a review of my experience. I did not receive any other compensation or incentive nor was I required to write a positive review. Individual results or experiences may vary.

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